If your quality of life is badly affected by other people in your community then you could be a victim of antisocial behaviour. We have experience of supporting people dealing with:

  • noise nuisance
  • neighbour disputes
  • verbal abuse
  •  threatening behaviour
  • harassment and intimidation
  • vandalism
  • criminal damage

If you experience antisocial behaviour, you may have to help provide evidence before action can be taken, e.g. keeping a diary of things that happen. You might be asked to have recording equipment in your property for noise nuisance. You may have to call the police on 101 or even 999 if it’s an emergency.

It takes a lot of time and energy to keep doing this and we will support you. There is often no quick fix, but we’re here to help you through it once you have made the decision to start reporting.

South Wales Victim Focus can help you by:

  • providing support by in person, by phone or via text
  • speaking to the different agencies involved on your behalf
  • keeping you up to date with what is being done
  • helping you understand the process of tackling crime and antisocial behaviour, which can take a long time
  • giving you advice about your personal safety and home security
  • supporting you in mediation to try and resolve the problem
  • helping you contact other agencies and services that can also offer help
  • supporting you if a case goes to court