What is it?

A violent crime is when someone physically hurts or threatens to hurt someone, and also includes crimes where a weapon is used. The police will record a crime as violent if the person clearly intended or intends to physically harm you, regardless of whether or not it results in a physical injury.

Violent crimes can include:

  • assault
  • sexual violence
  • gang violence
  • hate crimes
  • robbery
  • domestic violence
  • murder or manslaughter

Violent crime can happen in public spaces such as in the street, clubs and pubs, as well as at home or in the workplace, and often the victim knows the person who attacks them. The important thing to remember is that it’s not your fault – you haven’t done anything wrong, and it’s the person who has been violent that is to blame – no-one has the right to hurt you.


How to get help

If you are in immediate danger call the police by dialling 999. If you would like to speak to a police officer but it isn’t urgent then you can call 101.

You can access help through a Victim Focus officer. Please click here to find out more about your local Victim Focus Team and how to contact them