Crime can have a damaging effect on your mental and emotional well-being. If you’ve been affected by crime, one of the ways we can help you is by giving you the support you need to cope with emotional stress.


What we do is similar to counselling, but it’s not the same. Counselling is a very specific type of therapy practised by qualified professionals who analyse someone’s entire life and history to help them understand themselves better. That’s not something most victims of crime need – usually, they just need some help dealing with the emotional turmoil they’re experiencing. But when we think someone does need full counselling, for example with problems such as post-traumatic stress disorder, we can help to arrange it.


Our staff and volunteers are trained to listen, give information and offer feedback. They can help you to make sense of what you’ve been through, discuss your options and help you to feel like you’re getting your life under control again. Talking with us gives you the chance to get things off your chest and let go of distressing experiences.


While some people can do this with friends and family, it doesn’t work that way for everyone, especially if those around you are affected by the crime too. We can provide a safe, neutral place for you to voice your fears, worries and emotions. This helps a lot of people to cope and move forward after a crime.