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Senior Victim Care Officer

Victim Focus Unit

Job title: 

Senior Victim Care Officer

Work location: 


What do you do at VS and how would I come across you?

I work within the VCO unit and help the victim care officers with advice and support regarding cases. I also monitor cases as they come in and allocate case loads for contact. I also oversee the general office management of the VCO unit and Liaise with the management team to ensure we are providing the best service possible

I grew up in:


Someone you would like to meet:

Eminem/Marshall Mathers

Favourite place:

Abroad – Florida and the Florida Keys,

Uk – Penarth cliffs and Barry memorial park.

guilty pleasure:

Lounging on the sofa watching horror films or binging reality tv with bacon fries and a big chocolate bar.

What advice would you give your younger self:

Don’t worry about the things you can’t control and what other people think. Cherish every moment with the people you love and do things that scare you. Life is too short.


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