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Operations Manager

Cardiff and The Vale

Job title:

Operations Manager

Work location:

Home & Cardiff

What do you do at VS and how would I come across you? :

I am responsible for the day to day delivery of the South Wales Victim Focus project. This means leading a Management Team who drive forward our performance and the quality of support we provide to victims of crime. I am also responsible to the PCC who fund our service and liaise with SWP on a strategic level to ensure victim’s get the support they need following crime.

I grew up in:

Sandfields, Port Talbot….right near the beach!

Someone you would like to meet:

Eddie Vedder, Lead Singer of Pearl Jam

Favourite place:

My back garden when the sun is out!

What’s your guilty pleasure:

Jam Doughnuts

What advice would you give your younger self:

Don’t give up if you get knocked down, keep getting back on your feet, and try again!

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