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Victim Focus Officer

Cardiff and The Vale

Job title:

Victim Focus Officer

Work location:


What do you do at VS and how would I come across you?

I’m a caseworker providing support to anyone in South Wales affected by crime. Support is provided in a collaborative way with the voice of the service user at the heart of what we do. Individual needs will differ and support varies, but may include: emotional and practical support, advice and guidance, safety planning, signposting and onward referrals and support at court. I work closely with partner agencies to try to ensure the best outcomes for those I support.

I grew up in:


Someone you would like to meet:

Billy Connolly

Favourite place:


What’s your guilty pleasure:

Eating salty popcorn and chocolate together!

What advice would you give your younger self:

believe in yourself



Call us now for help and support 0300 30 30 161