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Victim Care Officer

Victim Focus Unit

Job title:

Victim Care Officer

Work location:


What do you do at VS and how would I come across you?

I work to provide support to anyone affected by crime, whether they’re a victim, friends or family of a victim, a witness, or anyone else struggling with the aftermath of a crime. I take part in the initial contact stage and offer short-term support to referrals and anyone who calls us.

I grew up in:

The Chalke Valley, on the outskirts of Salisbury

Someone you would like to meet:

Steve Irwin

Recent great read:

Normal People

Favourite place:

Cornwall, down by the beach

What’s your guilty pleasure:

Binge watching TV shows

What advice would you give your younger self:

Take risks, enjoy every moment and don’t overthink everything

Call us now for help and support 0300 30 30 161