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Volunteer manager


Job title:

Volunteer Manager

Work location:

Hybrid / home and in Cardiff

What do you do at VS and how would I come across you?

I am new to the role having recently been appointed! I am volunteer manager so my responsibilities are managing around 13 volunteers who volunteer across South Wales, attending community events, assisting with cases or dealing with referrals. You can email me if you had any queries or anything I can help with!

I grew up in:

Barry, Vale of Glamorgan

Someone you would like to meet:

Johnny Depp

Favourite place:

I have yet to go there but it will be Cuba when I book it !

What’s your guilty pleasure:

Scrolling on TikTok for way too long

What advice would you give your younger self:

Save more money!

Call us now for help and support 0300 30 30 161