I contacted South Wales Victim Focus after noticing a poster in my local community centre, where I take my son to nursery. I had been receiving constant unwanted phone calls and text messages from a family member. I made contact with South Wales Victim Focus and spoke with one of their staff to explain what had been happening. I was feeling very frightened but the initial telephone support was really helpful. They were able to give me immediate safety advice so that I knew what to do if the harassment continued. They then arranged for a Victim Focus Officer from my local team to come and visit met at home.

I had reported the harassment to the Police in the past, but it wasn’t taken forward. My Victim Focus Officer spoke on my behalf to the Police and arranged for me to make a statement. The Police came to see me to discuss the harassment, what they could do to help and also arranged for PCSOs to visit me regularly.

With this reassurance in place, I started to get my confidence back but I was still very nervous about going out in public. My Victim Focus Officer rang me regularly and provided telephone support. They advised that they could refer me to a programme that could help increase my confidence and independence levels. I told them that I was also worried about my children, who had also been affected by everything. My Victim Focus Officer was very supportive and helped me talk to the school and found out about activities that my children could participate in too.

I cannot thank South Wales Victim Focus enough for taking the time to listen and visit me. I really didn’t think support was out there for me and I felt so vulnerable. Now that I am completing my course and my children are getting support, we have really have our confidence back as a family.