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I really could not have done any of this without my victim focus officer support and help to show me the life after trauma and crime.

Lauren’s Story*

Lauren's Story of support

Victim support were very efficient at making sure that my victim focus officer came, and started to support me just two to three weeks – after i called them up in desperate need of help. My victim focus officer gave practical advice, emotional support and always made me feel like I was never alone and generally cared about me getting better. 

 My victim focus officer was remarkably consistent, patient and caring when supporting and working out coping strategies that I could use, in all aspects of my life. She was not scared to go to places that I was scared to go to, which meant I could view life in a different way. She gave me lots of strategies and inner reflections, so I could see all my purposes to life and work through the crime and trauma at the same time.

In April, on the day that I had planned to commit suicide, she helped me to formulate a plan so that I was around the people I love. This also gave me confidence to use this day,26th April, to fundraise for a women’s aid charity, which also brought together the community spirit and helped me raise a lot of money for the charity.  

Then after this day, even the days that I had flashbacks,  My victim focus officer  support and the strategies she taught and helped me to work-out, gave me the courage and resilience to keep moving on in life. She helped me to see a life after the crime and trauma – I did not have to stay in that dark, helpless place.

After the fundraiser, I volunteered for the same charity, applied for jobs, became part of an interview course to help getting a job and now I am working for the same charity that fundraised and volunteered  for. 

I really could not have done any of this without  my victim focus officer  support and help to show me the life after trauma and crime. She gave back meaning into my life and she showed me all the wonderful reasons to live, despite all the flashbacks and family situations and any set backs people can have in life. 

On top of this I could call victim support helpline at anytime, and actually rang them up last week when was having a bad flashback. They were really helpful. I know now that anytime that having a flashback or finding it hard to deal with the trauma that victim support will be there. 

This is amazing to know, as now I hope to support the women survivors in my job – to make sure they know that they are not alone and that help is out there when they need or require it. 

Thanks again Victim support and thanks to my victim focus officer for your honesty, support and really helpful advice, 

*Names have been changed*

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