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Ellie has seen noticeable changes in her self-confidence since volunteering with the service. Ellie’s volunteering journey has been flexible around her studies and has helped her to gain a whole new skill set when it comes to interacting with new people.

Whilst volunteering with Victim Focus, Ellie has completed several interesting training opportunities. Mental Health First Aid training allowed her to gain knowledge of the signs and symptoms of different mental health problems, as well as how to help somebody in a mental health crisis. Ellie has been able to put some of these skills to use already with some of her cases, but they are also extremely useful for everyday life. Ellie found the Domestic Abuse training particularly interesting, the course provided her with an abundance of knowledge such as how to assess the risks posed to somebody in an abusive relationship.

Ellie feels that her volunteering journey has been a hugely rewarding experience, which makes her feel positive for being able to help people move on with their life and beyond the crime. It has helped her gain a wealth of knowledge and new skills, and has seen her confidence grow in huge amounts in the few months since she started


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